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www.davidmorgan.com - The new owners of Wildlife in Bronze, located in Seattle. Their online store carries many fine products in addition to the Wildlife in Bronze jewelry line.
www.OneHundredHorses.com - Ruth Apter raku one of a kind creations.
www.ShaneWilson.com - The best antler carver I have encountered, incredible work!
www.Stanleyrill.com - Stanley is one of the best wood carvers in the NW which includes my favorites in his body of work, his carved trees & stumps
  www.OlympicMistWebServices.com - Bob Selby my website designer. A wonderful person to work with.
www.eisenhoursculpture.com -David Eisenhour helped me out when I started doing larger bronzes. His specialty is enlarging tiny flora & fauna into large bronze sculptures.
www.kardashonnig.com -A genius with natural materials reflecting his philosophy, truly a Renaissance Man. He is a master drawer, story teller, sculptor & poet.
www.gleavitt.com - A friend for over 40 years who inspired me to consider art. Gene Leavitt is an accomplished painter, drawer, wood engraver & mad doodler.
www.brucemorrison.com -I've known Bruce for over 45 years. He is a master wood carver gifted with the ability to draw his mind's eye. He also sculpts stone & carved lettering for signs & headstones.
www.deanmook.com -Dean is a NW blacksmith extraordinaire who I have a kinship with as my great grandfather (Pop Van Fleet) was also a blacksmith for over 50 years.
www.thelateralline.com -Sara Mall Johani & Tom Jay embody the meeting of the folkloric to the human imagination and to the fateful native ecologies.
www.annmorrisbronze.com -Inspirational bronze artist of the NW. I was fortunate to cast & finish several of her smaller works & felt a kindred spirit with her love of bones.




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