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Raven in Flight B-55 BN-154 3-D Bald Eagle B-18 Eagle Feather B-91 Standing Raven B-158 Golden Eagle Head
BN-350 Crow Red Tail Hawk BN-208 BN-329 Bas Relief Eagle on Branch B-119 Steller's Jay BN-325 Magpie
Red Tailed Hawk Bas Relief Bas Relief Eagle      

The bald eagle is loved for its strength, keen sight and majestic presence. Ravens are often sighted along with eagles. Ravens are among the smartest and cleverest of birds.

Most designs are available as a pin, pendant on black cord (nylon/cotton with adjustable knots), necklace on sterling silver chain, beaded necklace with 2 gemstones on a sterling silver chain or as beaded necklace with 6 gemstones on a sterling silver chain. Sterling silver chain is available either antiqued or bright finish.

Earrings: Post earring studs are sterling silver. Dangle earring wires are gray niobium (hypoallergenic) with heishi beads and coils.
Earring size available as a tack or pendant also.






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