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Birds (Click Image for Details)

B-16 Terns B61 Barn Owl B65 Hummingbird Winter Wren B69 B111 Pelican
Chickadee Pileated Woodpecker B125 BN-207 3-D Great Horned Owl Kingfisher B334
Hummingbird Heart BN336 B120 Cardinal B235 Hummingbird  King Penguin  BN-360 Hummingbirds 

Birds are one of my favorite images to carve. Hummingbirds, hawks, owls and songbirds are represented in striking poses.

Most designs are available as a pin, pendant on black cord (nylon/cotton with adjustable knots), necklace on sterling silver chain, beaded necklace with 2 gemstones on a sterling silver chain or as beaded necklace with 6 gemstones on a sterling silver chain. Sterling silver chain is available either antiqued or bright finish.

Earrings: Post earring studs are sterling silver Dangle earring wires are gray niobium (hypoallergenic) with heishi beads and coils
Earring size available as a tack or pendant also.







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