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Most of these wildlife designs can be viewed and purchased at www.DavidMorgan.com

The delicate beauty of a heron captured in mid-flight, the lacy wings of a dragonfly, the solid power of a bear, the elegant shape of a salmon, the energy of a leaping frog, are all part of the art of Cavin Richie, appearing on the lapels, ears and necklines of many people across the country. Under my Cavin signature, I have been transforming nature's art into fine jewelry over the past 21 years, creating original wildlife jewelry in bronze castings, wooly mammoth ivory, naturally shed antler, wood and other materials. Over the years, my work has grown from relatively simple representation to sophisticated pieces detailing evocative moments in nature. My passion for natural history grew from my childhood in the Colorado Rockies, and subsequent discovery of the ocean environs and adoption of the west coast as my home.

My pieces depict creatures of the natural world and are exquisitely crafted with fine detailing on a very small scale, using techniques common to monumental bronze sculpture. The earthy color of the bronze brings out the subjects, including eagles and other birds, feathers, frogs, marine mammals, insects and forest creatures. The pieces are enhanced by the color of permanent patinas accenting the original design.





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