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Wildlife in Bronze- www.davidmorgan.com

I am pleased to announce that I have sold my wildlife jewelry business, Wildlife in Bronze, to David Morgan Company LLC. They are a family owned business in the Pacific NW and have been operating since 1962. Their website is www.davidmorgan.com. On this site in my Archives Page you can currently view the Wildlife in Bronze jewelry that they offer for sale as well as their other products & company information.

The designs I created for the Wildlife in Bronze line will continue to produce the same high quality detail I was known for. Kristin Carman, who has been working with me for the last twenty years with the bronze line, will work with David Morgan Company on this line. She has done all aspects of the line as well as all the patina work & fabrication of the beaded necklaces. So the designs will continue to have the same great look & detail. I will also create original new designs for David Morgan each year so the line will stay fresh & growing for years to come.

For the 'sunset of my career' I am going back to one of a kind work making original jewelry & small sculptures. It has been very gratifying creating wildlife designs in bronze over the past twenty years as well as successfully selling my work & meeting so many nature loving enthusiasts. I thank you for all your past support & hope you will give David Morgan a try.

Welcome to wildlife jewelry and sculpture by Cavin Richie. Are you looking for natural history designs such as heron, dragonfly, raven, eagle, bear, wolf, owl, hawk, hummingbird, turtle, frog, otter or skull replicas? Many selections can be found by entering Cavin’s gallery.

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